Watoto Wetu Tanzania (CSR)

Our team was warmly welcomed by the children and their caregivers when we visited Watoto Wetu Tanzania Orphanage located at Mbezi, Dar es Salaam earlier this October.

Watoto Wetu Tanzania is a non-government organization founded in 1998 by today’s director Evance Tegete.

This orphanage provides a home to vulnerable children and youths such as orphans and young people in need of help like former street children and victims of domestic work. The orphanage is attributed to support children to obtain the best possible education. They are always trying to encourage these children’s autonomy.

The caretakers informed us concerning the consequences of COVID-19 on the day to day operation of their facility as they rely on support from various friends of the facility located within the country and abroad.

We were moved by the heart of Watoto Wetu Tanzania committed staff members to do this voluntarily, even on the management level. We are very grateful too for their commitment as they sacrifice a lot of free time for the sake of the children’s and youth’s welfare and of the center in general.

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