Monitoring and Evaluation System

Monitoring & Evaluation System is an integrated online Monitoring and Evaluation Software program; designed and developed by Biz- Logic Solutions Ltd. to harness and optimize Monitoring & Evaluation tools for tracking and reporting on attainment of Organization’s Strategic Plan.

Features of the System

System Setup

Overall Plan

Annual Plan

Quarterly Plan

Time Sheet


The system allows for the Overall Projects Planning, Strategic Planning, Results Framework Plan, M&E Plan incorporating the Quarterly Planning as well as Annual Planning. The system allows for the user definition of Projects, Donors/funder, activities and targets.

M&E System has feature for tasks assignment, where the project task(s) are assigned to a specific staff or team or an associate.  The Time sheet module allows the user to update the tasks assigned with various status based on the progress. The system has a budget component and tracks for the expenditures allocated for each project and related activities.

The M&E System is rich in custom reports which gives the overall Monitoring component for supporting evaluation. The various detailed and summary reports in Project basis, performance basis, progress, planning, etc.



Online System which can be accessed anywhere


Provide reliable data for analysis


Common platform for the organization employee and associate to share information for various planning


Supports in Monitoring and Tracking the project implementation


Ideal for performance evaluation for individuals


Supports paperless office environment


Reporting can be done from anywhere


Instant reports from the system


Detailed and Summary reports can be generated from the single system


Supports in budget vs. expenses comparison and expenditures tracking


Multiple projects can be tracked at a time

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