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Our Licensing and Order Infromation System (LOIS): EWURA

The Web-based online systems that fully automates the busness processes in relation to Licencing ang Orders management at EWURA. The system is fully equipped with the modules below that covers for Electricity, Natural Gas, Petroleum and Water & Sanitation:


Electronic Payment System
for Overloading Fees (e-Paymetnt): TANROADS

Electronic payment system has been designed to support charging and collection of overloading fees generated at the weighbridges. The system works in centralized environment with heterogeneous integrations.

E-Payment obtains the vehicle and weight details from different weighing systems including Avery Tronix, Smart Scale, Shering Weigh and Wayware weighing systems.

In return the e-payment generate bill for the detected overload.e-Payment system is integrated with Government Electronic Payment gateway for supporting payment collections. E-Payment has the major modules covering: customers, this include:

  1. Overloading
  2. Absconding
  3. Bypass
  4. Travel without permit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

User Management

Auction Module

Fee Waiving Module

Billing Module

Audit Trail

Special Load Permit validation Module (integrated with e-Pemit)

Reports & Dashboard (integrated with RFB MIS)

Special Load Permit System (e-Permit): MWTCS


The system allows the transporters to apply for permit online, system categories the application and notifies the applicant for the mandatory requirements.


The system allows the transporters to apply for permit online, system categories the application and notifies the applicant for the mandatory requirements.


The system has a comprehensive and flexible workflow system which allows the Ministry users to evaluate the applications submitted.


System support for communications between the Ministry and the applicants


E-permit is integrated with Government Electronic Payment System for facilitating the collection of Permit fees and surcharges.


Integrated with TRA’s Central Motor Vehicle Registration System and Bank of Tanzania Exchange Rate System


Detailed Reporting Module


Support for data exchange with RFB MIS and TANROADS’ e-Payment Systems

Statistical Information System (SIS):TCRA


Online System for Data Collection, Processing and Storage in a centrally secured Database. System provides a platform for the Services Providers to submit data from various communication sectors including Telecom, Internet, Broadcasting, Postal and Courier.


The system is equipped with reporting module which generated various reports and support for data extraction for further uses.


The system has comprehensive Service Providers Registration Module


The SIS has a workflow module for supporting data submission, evaluation and storage for statistical uses.


The system has a user management and security module inbuilt.


Notification Module

Management Information System (MIS): RFB

The system has automated manual Documents / Record keeping process by providing its Electronic Enterprise Content Management suit (Scanning Services, Document Management Solution and Business Process Management (BPM) along with the portal.

The paper documents are converted into digital documents & all the electronic documents can be imported into the system with predefined rules and then can be retrieved or archived by Enterprise Content Management using a Web browser over the network.

An integrated portal with functionalities of DMS and Workflow that organize all the document level operations of Roads Fund Board.

The system has automated the Procurement process, Fund disbursement, Monitoring, Planning, Human Resources processes ( Employment Management, Payroll, Leave management, OPRAS “appraisal” management, Safari impress, retirement of impress, Salary advance, Training management, Vehicle management, Meeting management, Petty Cash, etc). which led to the below major modules:

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